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Promobot, equipment to measure body temperature independently in the entrance area of your company, clinic, hotel, etc.

Promobot to measure body temperature measurement robot

  • The device is located at the entrance of a building. An integrated display features a main display, inviting users to measure their temperature.

    By default, each screen has two languages immediately available: English or Spanish, with the option to extend it to three different languages.

    The device can synthesize speech using only one of the languages selected above

    • The device detects a person at a distance of 30 to 70 cm, using facial recognition and range sensors. Subsequently, the height of the sensor is automatically adjusted by a movement mechanism. Adjustment is necessary for proper measurement.
    • After the person approaches the terminal, an instruction is demonstrated on the

    Screen. The user now stands on the base of the stand and brings his forehead within 5 cm of the temperature sensor. Range sensors assist the user with correct position using audio signals and on-screen instructions. Once there is less than 6 cm between the sensor and the forehead, a measurement is taken. The results are present on the screen and through the synthesized voice . A measurement error is displayed on the screen if the measurement is not within the range of 35 oC and 41 oC. The results within these nominations are displayed on the screen in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature threshold that is considered "dangerous" is set to 37.1 ° C by default and can be customized in the device settings menu.

    • The results of each measurement are added to the device database and can be reviewed from the user interface (information includes date, time, photo and measurement results for each user).

    • After the user has exited the station, the screen returns to the main screen .

    Note: If a person measures the temperature immediately after entering the building where the temperature differs significantly from the outside temperature, it is necessary to wait 5 minutes before taking the measurement. Otherwise, an incorrect measurement may occur. The device informs users before measurement.

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